Goodie two shoes

When i call I will give you whatever details I have at the moment to see if you’re available. I called Doc this morning to deploy him and Woodstock into the eye of the storm. He asked no questions and said he would be ready to go. The same with Woodstock.

When I made some calls to a couple new guys, before I could finish the brief the first question was, “what kind of detail is it?”. First thing, I don’t sign on to anything that falls outside the EP spectrum. And, if I call you for the first time, I’m not going to put you on anything something that is too serious that you can’t be evaluated as we work.

Today’s detail involves high threat environment. Not from IED’s or gunfire but from mother nature herself. We are doing force protection which is another sect of the EP suite. I’m not going to call you work the rings at the local ringing brothers circus.

What I think is happening is this: guys have their certs and have worked a couple gigs and they feel they can pick and choose work. I understand vetting a company to work the first time or get placed in their call out list, but don’t vet when I call. I would never waste your time. I have a specialist that is afraid if dogs. If there are dogs involved in any way i don’t call him. I keep a profile on guys. If i know a guy can’t work for an extended period of time and the detail may go for an extended period of time i won’t call him. But as soon as you put the goodie 2 shoes on, your calls will decrease. No one is that good that they can’t work a detail, but if you think you are then you choose your own medicine.

My guys know that I will pull hall and walls anytime because I realize at the end of the day it’s work. Plus I believe in leading by example. When we are working close in I will allow guys to switch with me to be the DL and work the principal as well.

So, if you’re a prima Donna save your bio and info. We aren’t going to do much business together.

Big Tony this blog is not about our DM on twitter. Just in case you thought so

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