GS-10; 2 Position Switch-2; 3 Position Switch-3

If you read yesterday’s blog I spoke about, what I classify as the stress continuum that evolves within the physical, physiology, psychology of the different levels of protection.  I stand by my premise that unless you’ve been in actual contact will you ever reach a pure GS-10 or a 3 Position switch-3.  In as much as we “may’ believe that we have gotten close, nothing can simulate being under a attack other than a REAL ATTACK.

I personally believe that realistic training is extremely helpful, because it allows your body to adrenalize and get a feeling of what happens when adrenaline is dumped into your system.  It’s also called the “fight or flight” syndrome.  I’m not sure that they scientists had us in mind when they coined this phrase but it really fits what we do.  In actuality we do both, but the priority is Flight.  The main problem I see is that if you don’t train to fight under these chemical conditions you’re gonna be lost when you realize that your fine motor skills exponentially deteriorate.  You start hyperventalating, you hands and knees shake causing you to be lost within yourself.

There are studies that have shown that some people even stop talking in the fight or flight syndrome.  Others adapt well.  Why you ask?  Because this area isn’t knew for them and they know how to control it.  When me and Minister were training in Texas during 2-man live fire CAT and active shooter, shoot house assault/raids, I never adrenalized to the point I was shaking.  As soon as we were teamed up with another team, I did.  Why, because I wasn’t comfortable with them shooting LIVE around me, whereas with him, we have been there before.  That’s the premise of this blog, making yourself be there before.  Same shoot house, same rooms to clear, BUT different people involved, causing different room clearing combinations as you move through the house.  He and I may have cleared the first room together-CLEAR but as we moved through the house, we got spearated as a 2 man team by virtue of how a 5 man stack moves viciously through a building.  As I progressed through the house I could feel myself changing. 

It’s okay to go to the range often and shoot, because it is a perishable skill, but I emplore you to do more realistic training to feel that chemical change that takes over.  I expressly want to encourage the untrained 2 position switch guys.  Many do not have basic EP training let alone any high speed training.  You are not wired, by virtue of what you do on a regular basis, what your protectee wants, and/or lack of training to go from a 2 position to a 3 position guy.  You’re going to be in a real fecal storm.  Those of you 2 position switch guys with former military training have a little advantage if the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator, but if you don’t actively train to the various scenarios, you’ll just be the former military guy that is flat footed and shaking in his timberland boots.


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