Handling expertise

I saw a posting on linked in today for a need for specialists on the west coast paying $20-$25 an hour.

Not surprisingly the person posting the job received alot of responses. He was very apologetic for the pricing yet made the disclaimer that in these tough times a job is a job.

He’s right in one perspective yet, you’ll find less good specialists or operators with an abundance of experience and expertise running for that offer.

As the company owner in that situation I may have passed that off to another company that I know is in their lean period. The problem I would have is getting someone in my stable to jump at an offer that is around the rate of a uniform security guard.

I guess there is a double edged sword with paying guys regularly between $35-$50 an hour and not having any low end guys at your reach.

Time constraints would have been against me making call after call to see if anyone would bite. In fact that rate was lower than what I paid guys per hour in 2001 when I started the company.

There are a couple reasons a client can come out the box with such a dismal rate and feel comfortable about it.
1- they had a bad experience with another company that they felt the craft doesn’t deserve the higher rate or
2- the last job they had the primary company was low bidder by a catfish.

Again I say we have a responsibility to educate the clients that our service is above that of a security guard.

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