Handling the wave-off

Let’s face it, there are times when a principal wants some private time, feels you need some time off or just plain needs some time away from you in their personal space.  This normally happens on longterm details when they just flat out get tired of seeing the back of your head in their car or had enough of having to manage fielding questions about security around them.  We have been places where the host of the meeting or in an office meeting when they have said, “He/she is safe in here, you can stay outside.”

I will deal with the principal request for space first.  In a situation when the client is a third party that has hired you to protect their interest (CEO, board member, HR Director etc) and the protectee says for you to bug out, leave them for the day, you have a contractual agreement with the client FIRST and a responsibilty with the principal.  I will ascertain in a very diplomatic and professional way what the reason is without possible ticking them off.  If you feel that he/she thinks that you’ve been working too many hours or too many days in a row you have to convince them that you are used to the arduous work and hours.  This is a very sensative moment during this conversation because if they really want you out of their space you don’t want to push too much.  It could ruin the detail and any respect you have garnered up to that front.  In some cases I have told the protectee that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them uncovered.  This shows that you care about your responsibility and craft.

Before I vacate their space I will always advise them to call me if needed.  Depending on where we are I am I may make a tactical decision to stay in the area in the event the protectee calls and changes his/her mind and of course if something goes wrong, For instance, if we are at a hotel, I don’t tell the detail to go hang out on the town.  I post someone in the lobby in shifts as well as have someone ready to get the car.  If the contract is with a third party I always inform my POC that the protectee has waved us off just as a CYA, however I will always let them know what my tactical decision was.  If, and only if they tell me to stand down will I divert from my plan.  If they advise that I should follow the protectee’s recommendation, I advise them of the possible implications of falling back.  That is my CYA statement so that I insure that I have covered myself.  I write the date and time down as well as send an email confirming the decision made by all parties.

I have explained what steps that I do when raised with this situation, what I do not do is disrespect the principal and disregard his request.  This is not the time to assign a ghost matrix detail on him by shadowing his/her movements.  You get caught and you are definitely on the short bus home.  Under no circumstances do you want to get caught, in what appears to be or misconstrued as spying on them against their wishes for you to, in essence get lost.

These requests come more than you think and if you are not ready to respond appropriately you may find yourself standing there with one thumb in your rear end and the other one in your mouth, playing switch.  These simple but effective processes are all part of the Sacred Mindset.  You either have it or youy need to learn it.

p.s…..the ebook is almost in its final stages to being pushed out.

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