Have you noticed

I can’t put my finger on any one specific event but I am comfortable with saying that it started around the BW Fallujah incident.

I am a member of several web groups that advertise job and position postings as well as overseas
contractor news. Is it me or has there been a growth in new regulatory boards that are overseeing protection?

The events following the Fallujah matter spawned a litany of issues and perceived issues coupled with alot of finger pointing. The deaths of those operators was senseless and the manner in which they died was horrific.

Senate subcommittees met and met and met again. In my personal opinion the intended outcome for them was to point blame on how can these privateers perform duties that should be assigned to the military, how did they get that contract and how can we regulate it. Unless I’m way off base, nothing has been discussed on how we can make sure that we ensure their safety while they are there. At the end of the day it’s always going to be “how can we make money off of the money they make”.

When the protection shifted from the SF community to the private sector I know that Eric Prince attempted to put in place measures to not only protect the client but make sure his assets were cared for. Somewhere in the process of the money coming in and assets going over, there was a disconnect with resources.

I’m never going to second guess the events on that deadly day. There are enough “experts” out there playing Monday morning quarterback. But I will say that there is an old adage, any risk taken that is successful was a great idea and the same risk done in failure was a stupid idea.

If we could only trust each other, ban together as one brotherhood we could affect how the regulations are made.

Tobacco and oil companies are the perfect example of who and how regulations are made.

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