“Hey, we’re inside why are your sunglasses still on?”

I totally understand the reason for wearing sunglasses outside to protect your eyes. I personally have pingueculae which is a raised lesion on the white part of the eye due to over exposure to sun. It does not affect my vision but I have it. I also know the other reason is so that when you’re scanning your area people don’t know who you’re looking at. There is a conflicting theory is that if someone is planning to do wrong, when you look directly at them it tends to make them feel they’ve been exposed. I’m not sure how many times this has actually thwarted an attack, but some “experts” feel this is the case.

What I can not understand is why anyone would keep their sunglasses on once they get inside a structure, building etc. This makes absolutely no sense unless of course, this is the standard uniform of the bodyguard and to take them off means that you’re out of uniform. I guess it’s like when I was a trooper, as soon as you stepped outside, you’d better have that stetson on. I know I’m making a comparison here that does not work but why can’t you take your sunglasses off. It’s not cool, if that’s the image you’re looking for.

I read an article on a “respected bodyguard” to the stars the other day and then looked at the videos attached to the article. He had his sunglasses on the entire day and night he was with his protectee. Even his celebrity client took his glasses off at the concert. Are these magic glasses? Are they Oakley A-Frame NVG’s? Do tell, I want a pair, but in the meantime, I’m gonna remain uncool in your bodyguard manual and remove mine when I’m inside.

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