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Hi my name is Eric and I’m a gear queer! – BPI Security



Hi my name is Eric and I’m a gear queer!

I have successfully graduated from the 12 step program of gear queers anonymous.
Most of you know what I’m talking about but for those of you neophytes out there. A gear queer is a pseudonym for a person that has an addiction to buy every new piece of gear that comes out. New weapons, parts, sights, flashlites, apparel, knives, enough pelican cases to move the baltimore colts again, this and that and the list goes on to infinitum.
You seem to get a new galls or Blackhawk catalogue every month. Cause like any pusher they know who needs a fix.
I have so much crap from over the years I can’t find stuff that I can sell. I have a 10 1/2″ upper receiver that Mark wants to buy and for the life of me I can’t find it in my array of fossil material.
I have so many “Go” bags that I can go crazy and back countless times. I knew I had a problem about 3 years ago when I attended a Paul Howe CSAT school and after extensive conversations with the A-instructor who I highly respect I came home and laid my sig 229 to rest only to replace her with a glock 23. Now that’s 2 kimbers, a sig and a glock not to mention the mossberg and class 3 M4.
Not too long ago Blackhawk had a trouser trade in deal and I almost let mark convince me to get off my sobriety.
Will I buy anything again. More than likely but like any recovering alcoholic, I’ll be a casual queer like a casual drinker.
How has your storage filled up with items you’ve purchased?


  1. Rhino

    OMG I'm not alone ! I have so much stuff I can open my own Tactical gear shop with a gun store all I need is a FFL . Hey by the way do you have anything you want to sell or trade ?

  2. Dumas

    Im always in the bargin to trade or just set our gear side by side and marvel at our collections!

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