How do you live?

We’ve all been here before. On those traveling details or those details where you have to do over nights. Many clients are not inclined to reserve a room per agent and thus making specialists share rooms.

When we are alone we have a certain way that we make ourselves at home, even if we are on the road. Once that room door closes it’s your own home away from home.

In those many cases where sharing is non negotiable, how you make your home away from home can often be different from your room mate.

Personally I only hang up my suits and dress shirts. My under garments stay in my suitcase. I do this for a couple reasons. The suits and dress shirts have to be hung in order to get out the wrinkles. I could care less about my undershirts and underwear.

The second reason is this, if we have to make an unscheduled departure, I have less to pack back up.

On the other hand, I’ve shared rooms with guys that unpack everything, place all of their personal affects in the drawers an closet. Literally making themselves at HOME.

I have to admit, I snore like there is no tomorrow. This can limit my room mates full night sleep, thus making him ineffective on the next tour. Mark has been able to manipulate pillows to baffle the sound. God bless him. You’ve been duly warned if we ever have to share a room. .

The other thing I do is on the night before we depart I literally pack everything except for what I’m wearing on the departure. On the next morning or day I only have to pack my toiletries. In less than 2 minutes, I’m Oscar mike.

I normally have all specialists have their bags ready to be loaded 45 minutes to an hour before our scheduled departure. Depending on the team size it can be cumbersome rallying grown men and bags. The aim is to get all of our gear loaded and everyone on station 30 minutes before we are scheduled to move.

This may seem like something minor to blog, but everyone reading this passage has experienced the bubble guts associated with moving personnel and luggage. Planning makes the difference in a successful movement or a personal item left behind.

On the official side there is a team assigned to logistical support. In the private sector you are left to your own wisdom and planning.

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