I can’t resist-where is my soapbox

I apologize for stepping away from the teaching stance and take a station identification break on Professionalism and Integrity.  The other day I was watching the news when a correspondent made a comment about Herman Cain’s security.  As I watched the TV, I was clear that the guys on his detail had not worked together before being employed on the Cain campaign.  So in my zeal I decided to watch closer and get an idea of who is out there protecting citizens at the highest levels.

Yesterday as I googled, “Herman Cains security” I found a very interesting article from Outside the Beltway that spoke specifically about a gentleman named Kris Herzog who recently resigned from the Cain detail after his less than stellar background had been revealed.  The article speaks about his prior arrests and unscrupulous behavior with other clients.  I then went to his personal website where he is selling his tell all  book about his so-called bodyguard work in Hollywood.  It is common knowledge that I loathe this type of behavior and image to our industry, however the one particular claim that he made took me over the top.  He brags that in his 20+ years in the industry he has NEVER signed a non-disclosure agreement.  Let me stop here for a second.  This is his justification to run his mouth ad nauseam without recourse.  The fact that he did not sign an NDA is not really his fault in total, but the ultimate responsibility falls under the company that hired him or the client that hired the company.  I make all of my assets sign a NDA whether or not the client has required one from BPI.  As a company owner you need to protect yourself from loose lips and loose cannons in your cadre and make everyone sign one.

Then came today!  This morning as I was watching the news to get a snapshot of what happened last night, the Conrad Murray trial was at the top of the news hour on Good Morning America.  The story went on to say that two (2) of Michael Jackson’s former “Bodyguards” were speaking out on the trial to defend Conrad Murray.  My first response was, what can they offer about the trial if they were never subpoenaed to testify?  As I watched the interview, one of them was dressed in the standard bodyguard sunglasses and attire to go to the club with his hat jaunted to the side.  The other was in a suit.  They claim that Murray was not the only one responsible for Jackson’s death.  They went on to say that that Murray tried to help Jackson sleep however there were many others that helped him stay awake.  That’s not defending Murray, that’s accusing Jackson of other questionable behavior.  Whether you agree with my synopsis or not, the truth of the matter is that they are self promoting rather than protecting.  In the end the truth came out.  They are releasing their new book, “Defending the King”.  There it is!!!!

In this reality TV world there is an insatiable hunger for a peak into celebrities’ lives and people feed off the drama like a train wreck.  What needs to happen is that the sleeping experts out there need to wake up and speak out on this behavior.  If you sit back and say nothing you are just as guilty as all three of these guys are.


  1. Minsiter

    Pineapple, to your point I can’t stay quiet on this one and I must come out into the light in an uncharacteristic public rant…yes rant. I am disgusted, frustrated, and annoyed at these bums that call themselves protectors.

    I have made an effort in my years to be grown up and realistic about the various markets that exist in our industry. The most prominent on my radar, is the space dedicated to “celebrity protection”. While I have made an effort to delineate, yet appreciate the difference between “bodyguard” and an executive protection specialist, none of us can deny the residual and sometimes negative impact that that market space has on us all. I have no interest in being viewed as one of these people, more importantly I do not want potential clients to do the same because I am in the same industry. Therefore I tend to focus on more productive and developmental fights…not this time though.

    By no means am I attacking the field of celebrity protectors out there, I know some, I have worked with some and respect them in particular. My issue is that due to the make-up of that success path, particular to that market space, the process is characteristically flawed. In saying that, we the “so-called EP elite”, have our own misfits and imposters with the title of, “catfish” as well. I say all that to say:
    “PROCESS”…what is your process, and where did you get your training with respect to your specific market.

    I don’t care how many villages you’ve burned down on the wing bang dang peninsula, how many pairs of sunglasses you possess or how many times you have donated your salary to veterans. None of that has to do with professional ethics or the “dark matter” of our craft. Specifically the sacred mindset: the proactive mechanics of protection; seeking why and how those mechanics will connect while maintaining a quietness during and post service delivery; the protection specialists navigational where with all while operating within the craft. So, what is your mindset, where did you get it and how have you developed it? This is not an abstract conversation, this is critical to business development with respect to the perceptions our client pool has of all of us. To the uninformed, we are all “bodyguards”. I don’t mean to offend or demean, but it is what it is and all of us “so-called” experts, need to correct this perception that potential clients have of all of us. We should begin to educate the importance of process, application of the craft and policing our ranks internally and devouring any that represent bad genetics, NO ONE EXCLUDED!

    Many celebrity clients tend to be satisfied with a reactive vs. proactive approach to their security. This includes the protectee or the protectee’s managers not wanting to apply a higher level of resource to the protective mission. There is a fundamental difference in the protective culture a celebrity has compared to an executive or common at risk individual that is not taken into consideration. All of this makes “celebrity protection“ a legitimate market requiring specific and adaptive skills. All sentinels should possess a higher level of professionalism and ethics that goes beyond the scope of work.

    In the context of your blog you have a 25 year veteran of “WHAT” mindset. He has a book coming out, he posts photos of himself feeling up his principal and code words used when he and her allegedly are pre-gaming sex. To put a point on my diatribe, I am not getting into the alleged relationships back stage, what I am commenting on are the discussions of any client actions either positive or negative; it’s just not necessary. Kris Herzog, I challenge him to show me how this is applicable to the execution of our craft and if he doesn’t care than those of us within must scream from the mountain tops how this 25 year veteran, is not one of us but simply a catfish that watched the movie “The Bodyguard” one time too many.

    It is eye opening to see some of the entry points of these particular practitioners to our craft. You got guys that know how to use an 808 beat machine, you got guys that know a guy that know another guy that simply knows how to kick someone in the head from a flat footed position and then you have the classic method, looks great in sunglasses and black suits with black shirts and black ties and of course has a bald head and goatee. Mindset is key, and if we are not teaching or mentoring as well as holding so called veterans accountable by it, we all will fall prey to the negative perception these bums bring upon us. Using their language I will say “don’t look the part, be the part”, in our language, the cream will always fight its way to the top.

    Well Eric I say thank you for the use of the soapbox and I will now crawl back into my hole, just know your trusted business partner is in your well and wide-awake calling these catfish out.

  2. Rich D.

    There are several opportunities here to expand one’s business.
    1) pointing out there are posers. And like Navy SEAL posers, these too will be outed. And will have no support from those who are the “real deal”

    2) The clients in these assaults on privacy will learn another lesson in privacy. They will learn to check for the NDA/NDC. Those who were not directly affected, will also demand these minimum “standards”

    3) Now, legitimate businesses who are honorable, and work very hard at doing an excellent job (excellence is paramount), will reap the benefits of new clients in the wake of this disaster.

    I agree Eric. There can be no question here. What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
    What ever a client does legally during a detail, DID NOT HAPPEN… Period!!!

    I commend you Eric for setting the bar, and maintaining the standard that should be enforced by all in the industry.

  3. Kris Herzog

    Kris Herzog’s Current Federal Dept of Justice Background check is at the top of my website, please review & delete your previous UNTRUE story about him http://www.KrisHerzog.com
    The facts: ZERO criminal history, NO client injuries in 47 years. The continued respect of our 200 plus clients to be allowed to continue to use their copyrighted trademarked likeness and images on our websites: http://www.TheBodyguardGroup.com and http://www.KrisHerzog.com

    The ONLY photo’s and videos on our site are there at the REQUEST of the client.

    Thank You,
    Richard Davis for our 700 U.S. Veteran members and
    Kris Herzog,
    United States Veteran
    and Owner of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills,
    a 47 year old FREE job placement referral group for our fellow U.S. Veterans.

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