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Is there a virus going on or and epidemic? Once again I have to get up on my soapbox that someones security staff has caused an issue with their protectee. Apparently Justin Biebers security was charged with disorderly conduct after he grabbed a plainclothes police office who jumped across a barricade to help with a surging crowd towards the pop singer.

In defense of the bodyguard he responded to the situation accordingly however, when the pop singer decided to go outside and greet the crowd, the question is whether the area was set up properly for an unscheduled grip and grin.

It appears that the situation was so frantic that all odds were against them. Here’s the second question, if the protectee has a history of going off script like this in the past, did they prepare for that possibility.

About 4 years ago we traveled to Europe with a very high, I mean VERY high profile protectee that we knew would draw hundreds of rowdy fanatics. We had a robust security team, but we knew we had to include the local law enforcement officials in the press the flesh moment from curbside to venue.

It is absolutely important to prepare for these “known” possibilities. Known possibilities are like pitching a beach ball over home plate. The unknown is harder to prepare for but the true professional war-games those as well.

What was known is that
1-this protectee draws a very frantic crowd,
2-the protectee often goes off script to press the flesh,
3- local police have been deployed to assist in crowd control

Given those three tangible variables an aggressive plan could have been formulated to adjust to the off the record movement.

I am not, in any way, second guessing their process, but merely giving a thinking module for those of you reading that may find yourself in this same situation. It’s the same premise as if you know you have a protectee that loves to swim and/or run, you’d be silly not to have swimmers or runners on your team.

Guys are making this harder than. Chinese arithmetic.

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