Interrupting the attack sequence

Any EP course thats devoid of teaching you the attack sequence is not teaching you how the bad guys plan their game of attack.
One area that we focus on in our course that is a early way to interrupt the attack sequence is during their surveillance phase. In just about every planned attack there are at least two (2) surveillance deployments by attackers. (1) just after target selection where they look for patterns, vulnerabilities and even protection methods etc and (2) just before the attack where they make certain that the plans that have been conveyed to the attack team that everything is as planned.
In both of theses opportunities good surveillance detection can thwart an attack. I said surveillance detection. Not counter surveillance. That’s another topic. Most small team elements don’t have the resources or have not been approved by the client to pay for a CS element. In that absence good surveillance detection can replace it.
When I was transferred into the special services division of the Maryland State police we had to attend a month long course in surveillance before we were admitted into the unit. After I was assigned to a team in the unit I was restricted to doing surveillance for months before I was allowed to handle any cases.
It is my opinion that you should take a surveillance course as one of your platforms to make you a complete package as a specialist. In order to understand and conduct surveillance detection it is important to know what actual surveillance looks like and how it is conducted.
There are several reputable courses out there that teach great surveillance techniques which will greatly enhance your surveillance detection techniques.

Tomorrows blog is the interview with Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of www.tacticalinsider.com

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