Is it a resume or a (p)resume?

I forgot to blog about this awhile ago but remembered today when one of my trusted specialist forwarded me his friends resume who just got back working for the Steele foundation.

Personally,I don’t like resumes anymore and here’s the reason why. Resumes are bullet points on areas of experience whereas a bio details your experience in an area. How many times have I read yeast filled resumes saying: provided executive protection to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Really? Or did you perform static security at their residence. They’re both the same but one is more detailed and the other is talking point that leaves the imagination to wonder.

The main reason I like to get bios is because it gives me a preview of the persons writing skills. Too often we dismiss how important writing skills are in this industry. Post reports, incident reports, expense reports etc are a very important part of the non-glory aspects of this institution of ours.

I always encourage people to take a report writing and rhetorical writing class. It will really set you apart from the average. There is nothing more appealing than a succinct concise report.

What’s your thoughts on resumes vs bios

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