Is the term “PSD” working its way back from the sandbox into corporate EP

We in the corporate world have used the term “EP” Detail for years.  Sometimes guys just say they are on a Detail and anyone in the business knows what they are talking about.  I just started reading a book last night and the author stated that the term PSD has replaced EP.  This is not the first time I’ve heard this reference.  The common integer each time someone has referred to an EP Detail as a PSD, that the person had spent some time in the “Sandbox”.

The term PSD to me conjurs up an image of a more aggressive security posture, guns up and aggressive window licking.  That’s just the image that surfaces in my head.  The point is that the term is starting to be used in corporate EP.

Maybe it’s just me over here typing on my IBM selectric typewriter refusing to upgrade to the new term, but have you guys and girls seen the term being used more nowadays in CONUS corporate EP details.

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