Is there really normal behavior

What do we use as a standard for normal behavior? Our perception or what we’ve been taught? Is normality self construed or localized to a specific area or culture. For instance, if it’s 90 degrees outside, it would not be normal behavior in CONUS to be wearing a north face winter coat. But add another 10+ degrees and place yourself in Liberia and that same scenario is NORMAL behavior. So would you view the same person differently? Not if you knew the local culture. In fact that same person would probably wear that same outfit here in the summer. That wouldn’t be normal behavior for here but normal behavior for him.

Therein lies the dichotomy. Environmental and personal behavior. Sometimes they parallel each other, but in some cases they are opposites.

The key is finding the normalcy hidden inside the enigma. Mind you, this has to be done quickly so that you’re not overwhelmed in the moment and thus taking you out of the NOW. As Mark labels the A-D-E process. Assess, decide and execute or as Paul Howe describes in his book on Colonel John Boyds OODA loop. Observe, orient, decide and Act. Gavin deBecker refers to it as the moment of recognition vs the moment of commitment. The first person through the process or loop is the one who wins. Any delay in the process or loop hinders your success. Especially if the adversary is already in his execute or act phase. Then it’s catch up time for you. In this game, catch up is not where you want to be.

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you lost focus on a behavior that, in retrospect you know had no threat to your protectee.

It is important to categorize behavior properly in order to clear your mental CPU and move on.

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