It’s an honor

There are alot of good guys out there that i can talk to about this craft. Half of them I’d go with anywhere in the world and less than half of them will call me when they need something.
One of those guys is Mustafaa Muhammed. I met this brother a few years back at a high threat protection course sponsored by Solutions Group International.

Me and Mustafaa began talking and exchanged biz cards. When he sawyer card he immediately remembered supporting my team on a protectee in California. We immediately hit it off and drilled on the same team.

Over the past years we have stayed in touch to check on each other. In fact about 2 years ago me and minister were teaching the basic EP course to a proprietary team in las Vegas and Mustafaa was there doing an advance. He took time out of his schedule to come see me and meet mark. They hit it off as mostly all marines do.

Since then Mustafaa has continued to encourage what I blog about as well as me pushing his ferfans product. This piston operated subgun can not be described in words. It’s amazing. If you want to see the specs email me and I will forward to Mustafaa. I do think there is a YouTube video of it however.

Last night he called for some specific information and I told him that I could help him. I sent him the info and I know I felt better about being able to help him than he was about getting it.

In our conversation he probably didn’t realize that he was the one that dropped the idea in my head about interviewing Craig “Sawman” Sawyer but he did. Today Sawman agreed and I sent the questions off. Stand by for what I think is a heartfelt perspective of guys wanting to do high threat protection with no experience in those conditions from a tier 1 operator.

Thanks Mustafaa for the continued support and encouragement. Everyone needs assets like him in their phone book

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