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I spoke to one of my full time specialists yesterday and he was heated that he had taken our client to a federal building in Washington, DC yesterday and was stopped by the security guards at the mag tunnels.

When they arrived, they were escorted by the point of contact and were given access into the building without delay at the mag tunnels and access control features.  The Point of contact instructed the guards to afford them the same courtesy when they came back through after the protectees meeting.

According to my specialist, they concluded the meeting and had to traverse back in the same direction through the same access control features in order to get to the vehicle.  He stated that as they approached the security station they were detained and asked to empty their pockets etc..  My specialist said he whispered to the guard that they had just come through and the point of contact had informed him to let them through, however the security guard refused to allow them through without the “Official mag tunnel” treatment.

The protectee went through first and started walking to the victor without the specialist.  He stated that he just grabbed his things and went to the vehicle through the vehicle, which was the longer route.

I told him that we have all experienced this one time or another, and if you haven’t you eventually will.  My question is this,  do you think there is anything else that could have been done to ensure their free access?  I would have handled it differently, but I want to know what others think.  (remember, we are private and not official government protection)

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    I wonder who he is taking about?

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