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We all have principals that are into fitness.  Some hit the gym, some run. others swim and then you have what we have, a triathlete.  This principal trains heavily in all three disciplines and competes often.  Many protection teams assign someone with swimming skills to swim along with the protectee, some have avid runners on their detail and assign them to run with the principal as well.  All of this shows your depth in your roster and is great, but what happens if the principal experiences issues halfway away from the residence, or midway in a swim,  What is your response to that when  seconds matter?  I bet you just assign the appropriate runners to the jog and instruct them to have a cell phone in the event something unforseen occurs.  That’s not what we are supposed to do people.

I want to make a suggestion that is simple and a safe remedy to any mishap.  When your principal runs, you should still have a protection specialist run with him/her, BUT you should parallel or follow the runners in a vehicle.  Even if you are 100 yards away based on the proximity of the street and a path you are much closer to respond effectively than having to respond from the CP or residence and then find them.  the same can be implemented if they are cycling.  In fact, the chances of an unintentional accident can occur at a higher rate on a bicycle than running.  Having that vehicle in the area can be a life saver.

Our principal trained for his triathalon this past year and we implemented this on every training evolution.  When it came to the swimming portion he/she trained in a pool.  The first time he/she entered a pond and could’nt see clearly he/she experienced issues.  I made a decision to purchase a cheap inflatable raft that was deployed every time as well as during the competition.  Unless you are a trained rescue swimmer, an experienced swimmer would find it difficult to rescue and panicking individual.  Now I know there are people out there that think this is an extreme, but thinking outside the box is the difference between average and GREAT.  We will spend thousands of dollars on weaponry that we only shoot on ranges and training evolutions but never think outside the box to the furtherance of our craft.

Think about the scenarios and count how many times you have dodged the rhetorical “bullet” on what I have explained above and ask yourself if going the extra mile is worth it or not.

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