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The other day after we completed the first of the Open Door series, I had an epiphany about why specialists are not getting any work after they complete their schools.  The truth of the matter there are common factors that inhibit as well as prohibit specialists from getting regular or any work at all.  Sitting at home waiting for the call is disheartening for the best of us.  I was fortunate that after completing the the Vance International course I was hired as a full-time employee.  The reality of today’s time is that those days are far behind us.  Keeping specialists on a payroll sitting at home collecting funds actually reverses the process whereby the company owner is the one waiting for the calls to come in because the money is still going out the door to guys that aren’t working daily.  The main reason I am doing this is that the so-called experts are not doing what they should be doing.  When I came into this industry I was taught how to conduct myself in this industry and I am noticing a grave deviation.  What that means to me is that the people who are teaching you do not have the same level of care.  I was bred as a public servant and this industry is a service industry first for me and money second.  I want to make sure that specialists see it the same way.  No sense of duty or willingness to sacrifice means no work and no money.  The equation does not work in reverse.

So this is what I did.  I completed my first ezine titled “10 things you should do to gain success”.  I looked over my list repeatedly and went back and forth with some of the top ten and came up with what I see are the main factors that get in an aspiring specialists way to repeated calls.  The sad and unfortunate reality to all of this that your geographic location will weigh heavily in you steady employment.  The days of clients flying guys all over the country to staff a detail and putting them in hotels are over.  It’s replaced with mileage and shared rooms.  From a company perspective, the ability to staff a detail with local assets goes a long with a client by saving dollars and cents.  That being said, there are slower geographical areas in the EP market.

So my list addresses the things I feel that prevail throughout the industry when it comes to the population sitting at home.  Of course there are more than 10 things you can do but these are things you can immediately do to increase your appeal.  The unfair reality is that there are just as many guys out there working that are NOT trained and NOT licensed that are always busy.  Don’t focus on them, focus on what you have to do.  The day will come when their true colors, or should I say lack of colors will eventually catch up with them.

I also started on the 10 things that specialist should not do when looking for work.  Yes, there are things that can actually hinder your appeal or a company’s desire to use you.  I will give you one now and I have mentioned this before.  DO NOT send me a bio that in the name section has a company name that does not exist on paper as a REGISTERED Executive Protection Company.  To me, you are pesenting yourself in a fraudulent manner and if you are willing to do that what else would you do.  For me the ball starts rolling in the wrong direction even before we get started.. That’s just me however, there are others out there that will overlook this administrative 3 card monty and if so, good for you.

The ezine will come out soon with a certain catch-IT’S FREE.


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    Mr. Drain,
    I appreciate your kind words. Stay tuned for the upcoming ezine.

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