Just when it got quiet another one comes along

In as much as I reveal these unethical and unprofessional jokes of the industry and think maybe the craft has seen enough for 2011, Lee Weaver has released his book, “Memoirs of a Celebrity Bodyguard“.  I was surfing the net when I saw this mess and you know me…..this is blog attention!

I pondered the rationale behind what could cause these people to continue to write these expose. Moreover I wanted to get my thoughts together and make sure they were concise, succinct and cogent.  The decision by these catfish to continue to mar the industry has to be more extensive than just ethics eventhough ethics are the on/off switch in the end that makes the final decision.  I persoanlly feel that their ethics take a back seat to other factors; fame and MONEY.  The other factor that I have started to consider is under what condition did their relationship or engagement with the very clients they speak, end.  That’s when I honed in on the “ax to grind” scenario.

I will opine that many of the tell all books are driven by money however I sincerely think that there are many that want to open their pie holes to get back at their former employer.  This specific book puts an embarrassing shadow on the very people he was allowed to accompany.  The embarrassment factor in it is matchless and it is a huge attraction to our society that is driven by the reality series of our lives.  Real time juicy information on the people they idolize gets the average boob tube (Television) jockey excited.

The excerpts drawn from the trashy book are just enough to make the TV jockeys jump for their credit cards and make a purchase.  The timing of the release resembles that of a Warner Bros movie release….just before Christmas.  I don’t put any responsibility on any publisher that is out there because they don’t live by the same rules that we are supposed to be bound by.

I am getting tired of the leadership of this industry that continues to sit back and turn a blinds eye to this behavior.  Take a minute from planning your next high priced social hour and take a STAND.  I’d like to thank Lawrence D. Borgens for posting this on LinkedIn last week.  Thank you sir for taking a stand.  Where are the rest of you?  You are either against this stuff or you are good with it.  Sitting back and remaining quiet tells me that you don’t see anything wrong with it OR you are too afraid of taking a stand.  Either way it’s borderline cowardice.

He who is afraid to take a stand out of fear of being understood is not a coward.  He who is afraid to take a stand when he has a position is the true coward.


  1. Lawrence Snow

    It’s unfortunate that these type of wannabe joksters get the publicity. The sad part about this is that are perpetuating the “myth” of what is a bodyguard/ EP professional. I read a lot of comments about this on EP FB and LinkedIn groups and lots of folks wanting a public retort of some kind. But I’m with you, actions speak louder than words – problem is – not a lot of press is going to listen to the truth – they’d rather have the dirt.

    I’m sure this has been brought up in the community but I’ll bring it up again – is there a need for national/international standards for bodyguards/EP professionals?

    1. Eric Konohia

      Mr Snow
      Thank you for following the blog. You are absolutely correct in saying that the dirt is appealing to this reality based society we live in. Greed will always prevail in an unethical character.

      Standardization has been on the low volume meter for years however the powers that be fail to strike the iron while it’s hot on our end. By the time the government steps in we won’t even be able to afford to operate with the costs nor will the industry resemble what we love to do

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