Launching into EPsphere

This whole idea of launching an ebook was spawned by my publicist a few weeks ago. Reluctantly I’ve embraced it in the beginning but after speaking to a few experts in their respective fields it makes sense.

My blogs are intended to spark thoughts and ideas that no one speaks about. The little nuances that go undetected to the naked eye but more importantly are viewed as unimportant.

Telling someone how to dress, how to and when to order food etc go unaddressed in most courses, but not with me nor with MTMS.

That being said, I’m taking my time so that the ebooks are not corny but educational and a necessity. A play book of sorts. A pocket guide that can be a ready reference for the quintessential professional.

Today on linkedin a notice went out for HR218 folks with EP experience. Prime example of how the uninformed can continue to pass on bad information.

As Paul Howe says, “learn to shoot first then add the gear”. My ebooks will teach you how to employ simplify the things that are mostly made complicated. Stand b

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