Lead by experience or by exemption

In many areas people are lead by persons with no real practical experience in their field.

If we look at sports their are countless examples of coaches that have never shot a ball, swung a bat or got in a three point stance. Knowing X’s and O’s is a far cry from leading and teaching protection. We are inherently programmed for self preservation. Some better at it than others. Hence, the kid that always got his lunch money taken. He wants to defend himself but can’t muster the fight.

In protection X’s and O’s don’t translate to what we do. Additionally, an experienced specialist can sniff out someone who does not have significant time on station per se.

I would humbly deduce that the higher the threat level, the more critical specialists are about being led by inexperience. Inexperience can not only set a protectee up for failure but also put his assets in harms way.

I have a good friend that just came back from iraq after his 4th rotation. He has told me countless times whereby guys have been questioned on their ability to lead a CAT team due to their lack of experience.

Here’s the rub. Many of us ( I said us) equate experience with a magic number of years, when in fact that time has no bearing on ones ability to lead. Character, judgement and ability to think critically especially under duress are better gauges for this. Some people are wired with the ability to do this and may not have the magical years under their belt.

Let’s consider all of these things before we execute someone before they have a chance to prove their worthiness. Moreover, continue honing your skills to be a good leader so that when your name is called you aren’t second guessed.

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