Let me set the record straight on schools

There is a misnomer when it comes to training and EP schools. Although the big three are the household names it does NOT preclude the fact that there are very good schools in existence in the US that you can get high quality executive protection. This is not an advertisement per se for TheMTMS.com but it is a conversation of the tales that exist about schools as well as my personal opinion on what an up and coming apsirant should look for.

For the record the biggest difference between The MTMS school and any other school s what we call the “Golden Mindset”. I won’t expose our formula but leave you with that. No one is teaching protection on this level. That ends the conversation about that. Now I will address the rhetoric that is flowing through the industry. First, any school that tells you that you will learn all you need to know about executive protection is LYING. There is NO school that can teach you all that there is to know about EP. In a nutshell, executive protection is an OJT occupation. You learn the real deal on the job. Secondly, there is another misunderstanding about schools and that is that you should steer away from schools that promise you work upon graduation. Though I agree with the basis of this rule, there are schools out there that do put their people to work. BPI has put 100% of its students to on long and short term details. The crux of TheMTMS student cadre was proprietary for the last few years which means they were already employed. However, we did have situations where we had BPI Security student(s) trained during those proprietary years. The point is this: No student that has attended a MTMS/BPI course was pushed to the streets to fend for themselves. That’s not how I operate. The main reason is this, I personally do a limited vetting process on aplicants to get a baseline of what experiences, if any, an aspiring student has. The other thing I believe in is this, if you invest in us, I invest in you. I mainatin reltionships with all my former studenst. I personally (again this is my personal opinion) feel that when this industry became popular, schools saw the amount of money that could be made and put the vail across their eyes and began letting everyone into the industry because they represented capitol gain. Well that capitol gain has saturated the field with specialists causing an industry loss in investment of professionalism.

I am also of the understanding that any weapons training should NOT be included in the basic executive protection course. Offensive and defensive weapons are an add-on or building block to a complete specialist. When you attend a good EP school there is already an enormous amount of information that has to be processed and forced to memory. Overloading the brain with weapons safety, handling and training, rules of law, and the force continuum should be a stand alone course. Learning how to shoot properly will not teach you how to shoot from a team perspective, sectors of fire, shooting with a principal in the mix etc. That’s at least a week long course by itself.

I am a product of the combined course of EP and weapons and although I had previous weapons experience with the Maryland State Police, there was a major shift from the core principles of execuive protection to that of weapons handling. In the end there is a draw by potential students to attend, what they view as a, one stop shop for EP training. I advise you to think carefully about this and respect and learn each of these as their own respective blocks to building a complete specialist.

Read the reviews of a course and talk to former students to get a review. Personally I have another rule that I look at schools. Is their training cadre members of the school or trainers that they bring in to teach a module. The business model, teaching standard et al should be from the same mindset. Having an opertional specialist come in and assiatnt teach 2 or 3 schools a yearthen have other specialists teach the same module the other times of the year is not standard but a fill-in slot. What you’ll get is different perspectives on executive protection, which will make a difference in the end product-The student.

Don’t fall for the hype and be a smart shopper. Look carefully at the schools, what they claim to teach and what their turn around is on specialists working. The truth of the matter is this, having attended certain schools in this industry will actually get your bio/resume pushed aside because smart company owners keep track of what is being taught out there and know what schools actually are teaching the craft. If anyone tells you otherwise they are lying again. I’m probably going to get some flack about letting you know that but it’s the truth. Again, this is not a shameless plug for BPI Security nor TheMTMS, but a need to dispell the rumors. BE SMART!!!!

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  1. Chris Sherwin

    I agree do your homework on the schools There are a number of people who call themselves specialist But just standing there in front of someone who is famous because you obtained te job through your brother in law does not make you a specialist not does it give you the ability to teach.

    On another note I was standing in line today at the grocery store and I saw the Enquirer, no I normally do not give these magazines any interest. But I was taken by the situation of Casey Anthony taken from one safe house to another due to a murder attempt. Ummm who’s paying for this? Anyone know who the panic stricken body guards were that they refer to on te front page? They don’t loomed panic stricken they look like they are doing what they are suppose to

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