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We refer to specialists that are not full-time employees for a security company as well as those specialists that want to get in the industry on their own as a “Lone wolf”.  They aren’t necessarily attached to a pack of specialists yet they are trying to make it on their own.  What I have found about these specific specialists is that they normally have a crew of guys or women that they stay in touch with.  The bond amongst gusy in this industry can be bitter sweet at times.  Specialists sometimes get jealous of each other because of how busy they are, how fast they elevate in responsibilty on a detail as well as how cocky they can be.  This craft is predominantly populated with type-A personalities and in many case from one specialist to the other you can not tell each other anything because both of thme know it all.  If you can get past the jealousy and the personalities there is a treasure  trove of possibilities.

Bouncing ideas off each other is one thing but keep keeping your fellow specialists informed of active possibilties of work and upcoming training helps everyone.  How do you think the big three got to where they are in the amount of numbers of protection personnel they have put out.  Word of mouth and the camaraderie that is built within a course.  More importantly, it’s the recommendations from the former students that drive the numbers back into the next scheduled classes.  It’s not the advertisements, nor the high SEO on the google search that does it, it’s the human factor of recommendation coupled with what they see.

The same premise applies to each of you when you ask each other, “what are you doing to stay busy with work?”  When you compare each others path to work you may see an important ingredient that you have failed to employ.  Let’s face it, sending a bio/resume and resume resembling a cold call is not as good as personal contact with the paper.  Anyone can juice their resumes and lie-ographies to look impressive however nothing beats some level of human contact.  A one dimensional peice of paper can never do for you what you can do for yourself.

Bounce ideas about your progression in the business and see where you are.  Be honest with each other even if the honesty hurts.  It may be the main issue that is holding your friend back.  Now in saying that, I know that there are far too many selfish people out there that work their lives in the “crabs in a barrel” mindset, so understand that these guys won’t help you, have no intentions of doing so and any info they release may hurt you further.

I am ALWAYS available to talk to.  You can contact me through the various vehicles that I use on the internet.  If you are in town I will meet you.  If you prefer a telephone conversation, we can talk or I can set up a Webex video call.  Ask around and you will get the same story, Eric cares and makes himself available.  I will look over your progression or lack thereof and give you advice.


  1. Alex Werner

    Mr. Konohia,
    I have just returned from a 10 day PSD/close protection course recently and am looking for that first elusive job. I have attended another 3 day close protection course and have done a week long surveillance/driving course a few years ago. There is definitely more training I could do to be competitive, but would really like a chance to get my feet wet in the industry a bit first, if possible. Currently I am an aircraft mechanic doing contract work overseas and have been doing this for the past 6 years; I have been in the aviation industry for almost 22 years now. I am looking for a change in career and am pursuing this course through close protection. Any help or advice on getting the first break would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks for your time,
    Alex Werner

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks for the comment and for following the blog. Let’s set up a phone call to discuss further. Email me your contact information at ekonohia@bpigroupusa.com so that we can discuss offline.

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