I thought long and hard after yesterday’s blog about if there was a way possible to ‘Right” this ship of OURS.  I say our because in all of my blogs I have focused on the security industry as a whole.  In doing that I separate professionalism from non professionalism.  I have also stressed that “Mindset” is key to this process.

In as much as I have focused on the “bodyguard” aspect, I have been careful to acknowledge that there is a true market and value for that type of security, in what Minister classifies falls under, body protection.  Even EP falls under body protection.

I also readily call out and point out Executive Protection so-called professionals that are screwing up the industry and I classify them as another Minister term, “Catfish network”.  In my personal opinion there is no diffference between the unprofessional and the catfish in what they are doing to ruin this craft. 

There has been alot of hot air transcending among the “guys’ in the industry about cleaning this mess up, but the movement dies as soon as the high priced netwroking op adjourns

To that end, this is what I propose to do.  I am going to set up a conference call using all of the social media access I have to reach the masses and get everyone together talking.  I will have an agenda that we will discuss coming soon as well as the conference call number and access code.

if you are interested in “Where are we no and where are we going”, hit me on twitter or email

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