Like Music to my ears

I am not sure if any of you still get a kick out of affirmations or confirmations that you are appreciated by your client/protectee. For the most part knowing that the relationship has evolved over these years and I am involved daily in every aspect of EP with this particular protectee[Close-in protection, Assessments in US, surveillance and surveillance detection etc] is enough for just about any business owner.

But last night something happened that took that confirmation to another level for me. My protectee was having a conversation with a very popular businessman here about traveling to a certain country abroad. My client advised him that he was interested in visiting that specific country but would not go unless, “He” [pointing at me] said that it was ok. The businessman approached me to discuss why it should be okay to visit said city and country. Without losing focus on what was going on, I poignantly explained to him the country assessment. Although this businessman lives in said city and country for several weeks in the year, he was amazed, no less shocked, that I was able to give specific crime trends and statistics.

I explained to him that for the average traveler, this may not be enough to dissuade them from going, but for a high net worth individual, he or she would be a high value target and not worth the risk if the trip was just for fun. The businessman, although his reasons were more personal than practical, knew that I was confident in my position and stance. I told him that if the visit was for business, then the measures taken would be tailored for that, however, to go there for “Holiday” [using my best British accent] would not be advisable. This conversation ended with a look on his face that looked as if I took the wind out of his sails. He later whispered in my ear that he appreciated what I do for this protectee as if he had a vested interest in the end. I appreciated his words for what value they had for him, but took it as him saying to me, “You know your business” and that was like music to my ears.

You can sit back and flow with the motion in this business and it is just a matter of time before that animal called-complacency bites you in the tail, OR you can take yourself and this craft of ours seriously and in turn, be taken seriously. Stay current on events locally and abroad. Training comes in many values. Knowledge can not be exchanged like the local rates. There is no price on it. Register with OSAC and check periodically with country reports through the Department of State Consulate office and stay on top of issues abroad.

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