Limitations and Capabilities

A substantial issue in this industry is the inability for specialists and companies to acknowledge and embrace their limitations and capabilities. The enduring drive is money and recognition. It is far better to do whatever you can do well, than to embark upon something that puts you in uncharted waters.

Basic EP training in the states does not, I repeat does NOT qualify you for high threat protection in non permissive environments and in some cases the reverse is true as well. The point is that you not only have a duty to yourself but one to the industry. Just because you are a current or former Police officer your capabilities as an untrained protection specialist are non existent. Be honest with everyone and stay in your lane.

Now to the companies, specifically those of you who claim you protect overseas. Lets be honest, are you being all inclusive or is the extent of your experience in England. Either way, you get the point. Or are you limited by the provider list you have from the unvetted guys you’ve developed on linkedin, twitter and the like. There are some real professionals on social media but does that constitute your capabilities. Your limitations are your computer working and your cell phone having service. Honestly speaking I don’t have guys all over the states but I will let the client know that I am using a reliable asset. But thats me. If they are willing to pay for travel and lodging I am more than willing to oblige them with a BPI specialist.

I posed a question yesterday on twitter about doing protection as a protective driver. Some of you need to stop perpetrating to your clients about this. You can’t do both and be effective. Advise them truthfully what your limitations and capabilities are and you’ll be better off for it.

Now to the experts – stop putting limitations on your capabilities. Get off that high back leather office chair and help fix this mess. At the very least start with the guys you are responsible for and the ones you’ve put on the street. That’s where your expertise can matter. Instead of sitting back and punching out numbers, reach out and punch the necks of your guys screwing up this industry.

I am Eric Konohia and I wrote, approve and stand by this message. Follow me on twitter for more enlightenment if you’re not scared @BPI_security

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