Linkedin topic Brain vs Braun

Someone on linkedin asked the question what was more important – brains or appearance.

This seems to be a great question and sparked alot responses. The responses varied and gave everyone the opportunity to get on their EP soapbox and sound off.

This is my view. Brains vs Braun is like a perfectly wrapped gift with an empty box. What’s the purpose?

Mindset broaches the plurality of EP. With the right mindset you know your craft, you accel in it, you practice and stay current in all aspects.

Unfortunately, the uninitiated and uninformed client often makes their decision based on first impressions and or appearance well before you exhibit your skills. I know a slew of good specialists that don’t look like David Beckam but know their craft. On the other hand I know more guys that dress like a GQ model, but are a soup sandwich when it comes to mindset.

Mindset, for me will always outweigh appearances. However, I do agree that ones appearance is important and says alot about his mindset.

In that same linkedin question I read many responses referring to hard and soft skills. Clearly, in this industry there has been a chapter written in the EP ritual as to what is a hard skill and what is a soft skill. In my humble opinion all skills are hard and should be treated that way. Shooting a gun is no more important than proper route planning or a good advance. Everyone wants to don the tactical plate carrier and sling lead down range and hear the pepper poppers, but when was the last time you mentally did an advance when you went to a restaurant or movie theatre. Playing the “what do you do” scenario in your head is just as important as swinging a kettlebell or running. Be honest, if your mind isn’t in it you’re not going to do any of them anyway.

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