Low profile security

Could UBL have eluded everyone by using a low profile posture with his security?

Most photos, film and intel have relayed to us that he normally traveled with a large entourage of bodyguards. Did his security footprint change to throw officials off or did he loose his support? We can view it from either perspective.

A large security detail can bring unwanted attention to a protectee. Additionally it can assist in the surveillance for potential assassins. A large group running guns up is a deterrent to some would be assassins but not to a drone? The question I have is would our assault on the compound be different if the intel dictated that there was a large contingent of bodyguards? Probably so. Argument between using seals may have been outweighed by the possible loss of more US lives. This is not to dismiss the capabilities of our elite forces but firing a missile from miles away can almost ensure the safety of our men. Now back to the security footprint.

I’ve gone over the pros for not having a large footprint (anonymity etc). The opposite affect is that in the event there is an attack, your coverage is diminished by the lack of personnel on the team. In this case I would speculate that the “footprint” was the rationale. In this case it appears there was no “security” per se. Clearly the couriers in the residence were not on duty that night or possibly it wasn’t in their job description. My attempt at comedic relief.

Understand that a low profile stance does not necessarily mean less personnel. It also can mean less presence SEEN. That being said, it’s my belief that even though there wasn’t a large contingent of security persons on the compound UBL had a ready group at his disposal nearby.

The mere status of UBL to al qaeda would seem to dictate that his protection was in some way paramount. If I was given some latitude to make a supposition, I would even use the S.W.A.G. Method (Scientific wild ass guess) and say that possibly members of the pakistani military may have been employed to facilitate his protection. He did live in an area that we could compare to West Point. It is well known that members and former military members reside in that area.

If that theory lies true then one could surmise that UBL lived in a compound within a compound.

Nevertheless, whatever footprint he used or didn’t use the lesson here is no matter what you think anyone can be had given the right circumstances. In this case his complacency and static position made it easier to surveil and employ a successful strike.

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