Making the hard decision to pull out.

About a month ago I received a call from a vendor that told me he had recommended our consulting services to a builder on the south eastern border of the US. He stated that the builder would call me to go over the specifics.

Two days later the builder called and stated that he was emailing me an NDA before we went over specifics. After I signed and sent it back we spoke of the project, the technical, physical and personal security issues for his client. At the conclusion of the call we agreed to a meeting on July 15, 2011.

This past Friday and yesterday I called and left messages with his voice mail. When I called yesterday the person who answered the call actually stated that they had received my calls.

My point to this blog is I’m getting down to the wire on canceling this trip. This trip was a non billable meet and greet to foster a relationship however 3 calls and no return call is a sign that there isn’t a desire on their behalf. Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions.

The issue for me isn’t client relations, because there isn’t relationship established. What’s important to me is setting a precedence. His client apparently has a need and we were highly recommended. The builder who called me has a responsibility to his client to secure assessment and consulting services. My relationship with the vendor that referred them to me is not tainted due to our past history. There comes a time when you have to make the hard decisions. Today, I’m making one.

I’m popping smoke and we are bounding back. “Moving!”. “Move!”

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