Managing the paperwork

One of the personal tricks i like to do is manage all expenses of my guys on the road so that at the end of a detail I am not inundated with piles of receipts and expense reports that have to be sifted through and determine who I owe what to whom.

When we check in a hotel I use my business Amex as the incidental charge card for all rooms. I also let everyone know what is an appropriate charge and what isn’t. I also let everyone know how much they are allotted per day for meals. In as much as possible I encourage that all meals be done at the hotel to minimize paperwork on my end. Let’s face it, we aren’t on vacation and anyone who can not struggle through a salad or club sandwich etc needs to stay home until they are ready to play with the big boys.

I am not opposed to anyone eating outside the venue however, it seems like a no brainer to me that if I cam ear without pulling out my own cash and having to wait to get reimbursed, I am all over that idea.

At the end of each day I normally buy back any receipts accumulated during the day so that when I expense the client, all of the reimbursed expenses belong to me. This allows for a speedy return of just billable hours to my guys.

The lesson here is keeping everything simple. When the client is wheels up the other real work begins on the admin side. If you work for me or know someone that does you know or have heard that I am an admin tyrant.

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