Who do you turn to when you need guidance or answers? Who helps you make the tough decisions?

I constantly refer to Ice and Minister to bounce off ideas. We’ve forged a great bond and respect for the business side and each others entities. Minister with training and Ice with the investigations. Most recently we’ve adopted technical advice from Roscoe whose technical advice has fostered a different approach on our delivery.

I have a couple mentors in my quiver that I can go to with anything. Call sign Constantine who has a Ph.D gives me well rounded advice coming from his perspective on protecting the wealthy. He has authored a couple books on that subject. On legal matters I seek guidance from my bother. He’s an attorney and knows how to navigate through a contract and has done so for us many occasions.

The main reason I bounce things off of others is because I can be very focused and narrow minded on things and getting a fresh perspective can help me view it another way. That being said, there are certain belief matters that I refuse to bend on. I won’t bend on the first cousin rule. EVER. I’d rather see a sermon lived than preached any day. A recommendation on a specialist coming from someone I respect will always get a nod than from someone that I don’t know. Trust is earned with me. I know everyone doesn’t agree with this, but I have to sleep at night knowing I lived my CREED. Google that poem and read it when you get a chance.

Anyone who has been successful in what they do has someone, even if they don’t admit to it, that they talk to. Who is yours?

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