Missed a blog = on the grind

The inner clock of the protectee never asks if you’re on the same schedule. In fact, it doesn’t care.

After the issue in my ear fixed itself as it always has by popping, its normally followed by blood seeping from my ear throughout the day. Not to worry, this has been a lifelong issue that I’ve dealt with.

So last night i finally get to bed at 0200 and lay a towel on the bed to catch any residual after affects of the ear issue. As soon as I fall asleep it seemed like my alarm went off. As I peel my head off the pillow and get ready to post up for todays unknown itinerary I get the text, “breakfast in 5 minutes”

I am working on 4 hours of sleep but I am invigorated because the pain in my ear is gone. I can push through lack of sleep easier than having the feeling that someone is forcing a hot poker in your head.

The day has not been without issues. Hotel staff problems had to be addressed from stateside, followed by a call from the GM trying to make sure all is well. I personally don’t think he was being genuine to me about my issues with the staff as he was worried that the protectee wouldn’t return. I could care less as long as my job is done.

I plan to document and blog on international travel. Many an operator or specialist travels abroad under the umbrella of another company and everything is rolled out for you. But how many of you can manage a detail from soup to nuts to include travel lodging Liasons etc. Be careful before you raise your hand

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