Mixed bags of nuts

Here’s the deal. Your company calls you to lead a detail in another jurisdiction. He tells you that you will be working with some specialist in that area that he has hired to save the client money on flights and lodging. He tells you that the guys you will be working with come highly recommended by a reliable asset he has in that area. This is not a far fetched scenario. It happens ALL the time.

You arrive and meet with the team. Immediately everyone starts measuring each other up and start prejudging guys by their appearance and demeanor. “That guy looks like he’s seen some sh*t.”. “That guy looks like he just got back from the sandbox.”
All of those things go through everyone head.
You start addressing the group on how this detail will unfold. You know that if you come across unsure you will lose them for the duration of the detail. Secondly you know that everyone wont be happy with their assignments, but some of them will have to stand post over night. You say to yourself, ” I have a job to do and a client to protect!” and you proceed.
You get through the briefing and realize that most, if not all, have come from different schools and if we don’t rehearse we’re gonna look like a mix bag of nuts.
That’s when your worth is exhibited. Rarely does this happen when a detail lead runs the guys through arrival and departures. At least not in my time on deck working with other companies. Now you’ve gained the confidence of the group because you’ve prepared all of them to succeed as a group irrespective of where they came from.
It’s the small things that are overlooked that make the big things seem bigger.
Remember NOW is the time to prepare for tomorrow and you can only fix what happened yesterday NOW.

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