Mixing it with the alphabets

When i worked cases as a trooper often had to work alongside the alphabets DEA, FBI etc.

In the private security sector we do the same USSS and DSS. These last 3 days have reiterated a process that we strive by-Relationships! This detail we are on picked up official protection literally hours before going hot. When minister contacted the lead advance agent and advised that we had a longstanding relationship with this client and protectee the dance started,

The lead advance agent was very aloof in his sharing and coordination of effort until we approached him at the RON. After 5 minutes of dialogue he knew this wasn’t out first rodeo around official protection AND that our relationship with the client could expedite the necessary information he needed on movements etc.

Our detail had to cross paths with another detail from his department and once He was comfortable with us our victor was included in the official motorcade package as the follow.

The lesson to any of you out there that haven’t intermingled with government protection is to not come across as a know-it-all jack boot thug but humbly. They can see through the BS. Know your lane and stay in it until you’re motioned to cross over.

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