More on low profile

By all Pakistani standards that house UBL was a hermit in was a palace and fortress. Compared to all of the surrounding abodes, his safe-house stood out like a sore thumb. Competitively it would be a slum lords nightmare in the US.

His hiding in plain site must have raised eyebrows to even the uninitiated in the intelligence field. “Who in the hell lives there”, should have been the question of every day.

I listened to a CNN field reporter who said that he rented a house in Pakistan and ISI gave him a full debrief about who he was, who was living with him etc. There is no way they just closed their eyes to this albatross with walls.

What do high walls mean? Privacy? Yes, but also to keep people out as well as those inside safe. Barb wire is used for what? Security, to keep people in and others out. In this case, well you know the reason why.

It just doesn’t make any sense here. Hiding in plain site? That’s a joke.

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