Mother natures eye opener

Yesterdays 5.9 earthquake was an eye opener for everyone but if you’re in the business it was an awakening for us on the east coast don’t deal with earth quakes. Tornadoes and hurricanes are always on the horizon here, but what happened yesterday hasn’t happened since 1897.

Having an evac and emergency plan for the other scenarios is a common place for most full service EP companies and we rarely plan for quakes unless we are traveling to an area that they are frequently hit by them. Needless to say yesterdays event has caused me to change our emergency preparedness plans.

Communications went to zero after the shock subsided. I was trying to reach everyone that had active details going on to see if our plans for other emergencies had taken place. When I finally reached rhino via text messaging, he had informed me that he had in fact gotten the family out safely.

We depend so much on Comms that when they are gone there is a sense of helplessness that overwhelms you. I had the same feeling I had on 9/11. As fast as it happened it was over. But the paralyzing affect after the fact was alarming for me.

Yesterday mother nature was the sniper, the choke-point, and the suicide bomber all wrapped up in one. She never crossed our radar screen but she was a well known problem after her attack. No one was hurt but she caused everyone on the protection team to scream, “CONTACT”!

I can honestly say that for once i was caught with my pants down, but the good thing is that I’ve surrounded myself with sound guys like Shawn Wilson c/s Rhino who reverted back to his core training and protected the family at the risk of his own being injured. That’s what EP is about. “Keeping your head when all about you is losing theirs and blaming it on you”

We need to embrace what happened yesterday, plan for the event of another occurrence and train like we play.

Keep your heads up and your feet planted firmly.

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