Mother Pearl I’m returning

I just left a meeting with some local Americans and one politician that have interests in helping revitalize income through tourism in Africa.

They want BPI to assist in helping to ramp up the overall security perspective in the respective country. I told them that their objective is genuine but we need to start at the higher levels. Systems need to be implemented at the decision making levels in order for it to work on the ground level.
We can teach the people on the ground what to look for but if it’s not substantiated on the decision making level then it’s all for naught.
Intelligence gathering is only good if it’s disseminated to the appropriate people for action.
Many of the African countries don’t have an intelligence arm in place to gather intel on a global level to stay current with patterns and trends.
How do you expect someone to report suspicious behavior if you haven’t told them what to look for?
The overall system in many of the countries is so disjointed that there’s no wonder that places like Nigeria can have a bombing. It shouldn’t be a surprise.
When you look at countries like Dubai that has just about all of the western brandings of NYC and Los Angeles, yet the terrorism footprint is nil, yet their intelligence arm of the government rivals that of the NSA.
I have read some of the bios of my followers on twitter and linked in. You may be getting a call from me to see if you can augment the program.

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