Multiple passengers

You are alone working a protectee and he/she is sitting in the right rear (4) position and they have a spouse/guest sitting in the left rear (3) position. You arrive and work the rear door for your client. You notice that the left rear door opens as well and the spouse/guest exits the vehicle on the opposite side. Have you prepared for this scenario?

Many specialists face this dilemma and have never prepared for it on the front end. How do you work this possibility? Do you know how to work this situation? Have you or did you educate the guest to exit on the strong side prior to arrival? More often than not, you’ve taken for granted that the guest is automatically going to exit curbside. In reality, they sometimes don’t.

Same scenario and you have a follow vehicle and one specialist working the shift lead position. Have you preplanned with him/her what to expect if this happens. The standard arrival procedure becomes second nature and specialists robot themselves into position only to get frozen in space when the curve ball comes.

Let’s be honest here, even if you preplan or educate the guest on what to do, they will often forget and revert to second nature and exit their own door.

Don’t panic, all isn’t lost. The proper response will be forthcoming in one of the eBooks in arrival/departures.

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