My share of mistakes

In no way do I want to come off as being mistake free. I’ve had my share of snafus. The key to my success is acknowledging them and alleviating them from happening again.
Once in Vegas me and mark had to meet a client in the private villas at the mirage. We had been to Vegas countless times and knew our way around. We assumed that the villas were attached to the main hotel.
We left our hotel with plenty of time to spare. When we arrived the mirage we were told that the private villas are not attached to the main hotel. We asked the attendants how to get there and he said he had no idea.
Mark was driving so I got on the phone with the hotel and after speaking to the front desk, the concierge and the security department the only thing we knew was that it was off the service road behind the hotel.
We navigated at speeds above the posted limit and located a non- descript security gate manned by an elderly “former police” look alike. We queried him for the villas and the name of the client. We were at the right place but 10 minutes LATE. We parked and I dialed the villa from the private phone. No answer. I could see butlers and maids walking past the door but to no avail. I called again and she answered, ” where are you guys, you’re never late.”. I said,” ma’am we are at the door. I called but no one answered”. She said, ” I thought I heard the phone call but my nephew didn’t answer”. We we allowed entry and no one but me and mark knew we were late.
That was a lesson learned. Don’t take anything for granted. Even if it means inconveniencing yourself for a couple minutes, take the time to be sure. If this was a movement we would have screwed the pooch but it was a security advance briefing. Lesson learned.

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