National certification?

This subject has been tossed about for some years now and me and Mark had a good discussion about it yesterday.

Should we have a national standard that everyone should complete so that we all have a baseline certification?

What would this accomplish? To me it has to have an end purpose and we both agreed that ultimately clients would be able to determine if the people they are using have met the national standard. Take for instance the CPR certification. If you have a CPR card and you meet someone on the other side of the country with a card there is no doubt that he/she sat through the same type of class and took the exact test in order to carry the card and ultimately perform the lifesaving task. The protection certification would be somewhat the same.

Here’s the dilemma. Too many competing interests in the industry to spearhead the task. You have several organizations that would argue, bicker and fight over who’s would take the lead. Then they would filibuster on what the standard would be. A national training standard would have to be set and then schools would have to meet these standards in order to certify people.

We all know of schools now that have sketchy curriculums yet they routinely submit paperwork to the governing authorities stating that Joe Schmoe successfully completed and passed their course. These EP factors are driven by the money and not the end result. One school in particular in this area, makes the students watch the movie, ” The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner as part of their curriculum. Really?

Second issue, what’s the purpose of the national certification if the end product, The Client Base, doesn’t know that it exists? If this doesn’t happen, what you’ll have is the same catfish network finagling their way back into the job scene surrounded by dedicated specialists that thought it best to maintain a professional standard. That being the case, what’s the purpose of going through the headache of getting the card. It’s no different than today where guys are working gigs in VA who are not PPS. It’s still going to happen until the client base is asking for proof just as they ask for any other card or paperwork specific to the job you’re hired to perform.

Those of you reading this who have any influence on any of the Security conglomerates in existence, you need to get the conversation started.

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