I realize that to be successful in this business you have to network. Getting out from behind the desk or away from the detail and smoozing is paramount to getting your name out there.
There is a huge networking opportunity coming up in Baltimore. This EP convention will be attended by many well respected people in our craft. Conversely it will be inundated with the catfish network. I need to fine tune my goofball radar for early warning signals. These bottom feeders have perfected the art of camouflage and infiltration but I know who you detail thieves are. You’ve perfected the art of theft immoral behavior and have not spent any quality time on your craft that you claim you’re an expert in.
So as a warning Eric Konohia call-sign Pineapple will be there. You’ll know me when I give you the Heisman trophy stiff arm and that will be your signal to know who you are. See you there

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