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Me and Mark Fair [MTMS] will be working on the new workplace violence section of the MODAD Threat Management Solution Basic Executive Protection Course today.

BPI will be hosting a Basic EP Course in the Washington, DC area this spring. This class will be open however students will will be vetted. From my perspective, many schools have gotten away from vetting students in their schools and have chased the almighty dollar instead of making sure that that the final product [trained Specialist] will not ruin their reputation when they are working for another company or any client.

In 1997 when I took the basic EP Course at Vance International, you had to have a law enforcement or Military background. Although, this is NOT a guarantee that your end product will be an elite specialist, it gives you some basis of background training in chain of command, hopefully some discipline, and the ability to work long hours. I don’t focus too much on gun experience, because the basic mindset in Corporate EP is cut and run. Not shoot and run. There are other platforms where weapons training is paramount, but not in the basic course. We teach mindset. In order for for a specialist to adapt to the ever changing concepts in Protection a well-rounded Specialist’s mindset must be able to change to adapt to each client and situation on the fly. Not all clients or protection details are the same. This is how BPI, MODAD Threat Management Solutions and Omega Investigations differ from any other security company out there.

I refuse to staff a detail for the sake of filling a slot. Client relations at the end of the day is just as important as protecting the Principal. 95% of my clients are from referrrals and word of mouth. Any HR Director can surf the web and pull up a company and hire from a well designed website, but it’s when the rubber meets the road that matters.

I have worked with and in conjunction with company owners that I respect, yet they fill their slots with personnel that aren’t suited for the detail.

Stay tuned for course description, cost and location.

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  1. Curtis Howard

    Good to read that BPI Security is taking advantage of the web to share vital information who share your craft. I will lead aspiring security professionals here for insightful information.

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