No drinking until wheels up.

Let me start this entry with a question: Do you think it’s appropriate for Specialists to drink even if they are off for the day during an active detail?

Let’s say, you’re on a detail and you’re base of operations is at a hotel.  You have a specialist that is off for that day or a particular shift.  Do you thinks it’s appropriate for him/her to sit at the bar in the hotel and consume alcohol?  Our job is filled with alot of stress and long hours and many people need a release and I understand that.

Remember, even if the Specialist is off for the day he still represents your company and the client.  Are you willing to risk the client or his/her people to see your personnel consuming alcohol?  There have been stories out there where specialists have been asked to leave a detail due to alcohol consumption even on their off time.  The client may not know that you’re off for the day and complain that he/she saw one of your people or even you drinking.

What if something happens and you need all hands available to respond to an issue.  Now you have that specialist impaired assisting in a protection operation.  Moreover, I personally don’t think the image of someone drinking at the hotel bar is appropriate.

I ask all of my specialists to refrain from consuming alcohol while we are actively on an OP.  Do I check the bar every night?  No, but I am very adamant about that.  Ii will buy everyone a drink upon wheels up.

What are your thoughts on this subject matter.

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