No such thing as free time-when you’re on the wall!

The realization hit me yesterday after another long day of managing details, writing security protocols for clients affected by the “Occupy Wallstreet” protests, gathering intel on the protests as well as intel on two (2) upcoming trips as well as managing the brand via social media that if you are in this business and serious about your craft, there is no time off.  However, there may be some down time.  Surely to the uninitiated we can be viewed as workaholics, but in the business we are in, down time equates to sleeping at night. 

When I hit the parking lot of my gym at 0415, I pull up the major news apps on my iphone to see what is happening as the day breaks. When I get behind the desk I spend the first hour or two of my day is spent on checking on active details to make sure that there are no changes or incidences that have to be documented.  Then I check my emails that have landed in my inbox since the last time I checked, which is normally about 2200 and answer them.  If there is nothing Pressing on the to-do list, I go straight to the blog and get that done before the 1300 push time.  In the midst of all that I have explained I have the news on to hear what is happening around the world.

As calls come in (and they do all day) I table what I am doing to deal with the person on the other end.  After the blog is done, I take a deep breath and start catching up on tweets and go through my emails again.  I spend an hour in the mid afternoon going through bios and resumes and follow up phone calls to specialists that have sent me a note or email that they’d like to talk to me.  I answer every email and make myself available for every scheduled call.  Being available is improtant to me, because I’d like the same consideration if the table is turned.

Timing is critical in this business.  IF and only IF i have a lull in time, I go right to youTube and pull up attacks on various principals and start analyzing them.  Too often these videos are posted with simple verbiage like, “President XYZ attacked”.  To me this is shock video being posted by someone who has no value for the educational value that the actual footage can bring.  So to that end I have started cataloguing them for future additions to the BPISecurity Youtube channel where I plan to break the incident down with narration and show what went wrong.  Before I get ridiculed for what appears as Monday morning quarterbacking, let’s look at it like this. 

After the President Reagan shooting the USSS reviewed the same TV footage that is on youtube and analyzed themselves which caused a major shift on how they do things.  I am in no way going to be ridiculing the protection teams but moreso educating others to see what went wrong.  Any good EP school has a module in their course where they go over case studies.  This is no different.  My point is this, if you find yourself with “free time” get back up on the wall and grind.  Review videos.

The Brand is a double edged sword (in a good way) because it takes twice as much hard work to maintain your reputation.  There is a slogan on the wall at Lloyd Irvins Martial Arts Academy that resounds in the halls of BPI, “Hard work will always beat talent, when talent refuses to work hard!”  Remember, learning is not always done in a class setting.  You have anough around you to keep your craft up, but if you find yourself with free time, YOU’VE QUIT and just don’t want to admit it

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