Not a plug and play industry

Let’s end this year and start the new with an understanding about one thing. We are in a SERVICE provider industry. Executive protection is NOT a product. If you sell cameras or motion detectors then you sell a product.

Me and Mark have said over and over that we are no different than a plumber or electrician, in that, we sell a service and the sum total of the clients experience with our service will decide whether they call us again. We are also like them due to the vast amount of companies and individuals providing the service. At the end of their experience they make a decision whether you or anyone associated with you will ever enter their space again. Its the experience that makes the decision for them. Let’s be honest about something, on the average clients don’t really know the totality of executive protection and even after they’ve seen it they still don’t really have a total grasp of it. The hours of pre-planning, scheduling, logistics etc. If and when it all comes together and works for the greater good, it’s the sum total or the end product (experience) that makes your phone ring again.

As a service provider high emphasis is placed on the human interaction. Thats where professionalism is exuded. If you or your specialists come across anything short of that you’re going to get low scores on their internal score cards. They may not know what executive protection is in total, but they have a preconceived notion of some expectations. The one thing they can always see is how you appear to perform.

The other thing we need to be cognizant of is the representative/ambassador aspect. Every specialist that works for a security provider is representative of that company, its owner and its brand. Whenever you are out operating on behalf of that company in any aspect of the industry, you are a rep for that company.

The company owners are ambassadors of the industry. How you interact with clients, execute contracts, pricing and staff makes a rippling impact on the entire craft. Interactions amongst clients and their colleagues is much more stronger than we are amongst ourselves. There is a bond that they have and we have not been able to break that code.

So my wish today is that everyone remembers this blog going forward and makes a concerted effort to approach the craft this way.

Remember, we don’t sell copiers where we drop them off, plug them up and leave until a new ink cartridge is needed. Our business depends on solid human interaction. Lastly, clients don’t invest in the service of executive protection. They invest in you and the EP is the service they purchase.

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