Not too fast-Unclip the pigtail

Just like putting on the Stetson was the exclamation point to my 6 month academy graduation, it was the equivalent to the trident to the seal.

In our business, clipping that pigtail to your ear symbolizes the protection specialist. Although you’ll find mall security guards wearing them now, the nexus of the pigtail still translates to the executive protection specialist. A pigtail coupled with a lapel pin elevates the persona of the man or woman in the suit.

But hold on. Before you wrap that around your ear and before you place that high resolution epoxy domed pin on ask yourself this: do I embody the true nature of what it is I portray?

Do I have the true mindset of willingness to sacrifice? Am I equipped with all of the tools necessary to do this craft from start to finish? If asked, will i stand post without reproach even though I feel like I should be in the formation? Can I put aside my petty selfishness and still complete the job? If the answers are yes then you are well on your way to at least understanding how to put aside your own selfishness in order to exhibit the willingness to sacrifice. The mere thought of securing the welfare and life of someone else is a level of unselfish living. But personal gain in the midst of security is a dichotomy in and of itself.

Long hours with no reward is a level of unselfishness. Being on time and ready to work is as well. All of these components placed in concert work toward the intended aim of- a complete package. If you complain about when you’re gonna be given a break or when will you be on the formation, you have removed yourself from the mission and placed your needs above the goal.

In the absence of leadership are you equipped to lead? Are you willing to be lead by someone junior to you or someone you think isn’t as seasoned as you? Can you put aside these factors and still make yourself effective?

When called upon will you answer? If the answer is yes- clip the pigtail to your collar and insert the end in your ear. Any station, “Radio check”.

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