Novelty or standard.

Is this thing we have a novelty or a true craft?

Clearly in the official sector protection is a necessity and treated as such. How was EP spawned in the private sector? Did the need for the
bodyguard come first, followed by the need of a more professional approach or was the bodyguard a mutant of the EP specialist?

Clearly the arena saw a surge in both after the Whitney Houston “Bodyguard” movie. But from the purist perspective, Kevin Costner was clearly depicting an anomaly of who we really are. Falling into a relationship with your protectee is ethically WRONG. But it happens (research the CV story).

The real question is what came first, the Protection specialist or the bodyguard. Irrespective of that we can all agree that the HTP/PSD sector was after both. At least the Contract PSD did. Armies have protected national presidents for decades. The SS protected hitler and so on and so forth.

My dilemma is can we sustain this movement of professionalism? Or will we be overcome by the constant surge of the mutant breed of bodyguards?

Let me give a quick shout out to the bodyguards. There is a place for you guys. There are clients out there that really want you walking around following them around without the luxury of an advance, without an assessment, without route planning etc. To that I say, have at it. That concludes your public service announcement.

The next question is: Are clients being fooled into what they are buying, and in doing so they get disappointed with the service which causes them to refuse to even research other reputable companies. My answer, YES. Too many companies, some of which are run by people who just have sites up in hopes of landing hopeless uneducated clients, are offering services that they can not and have not provided. Can I ramp up a 6 man CAT team to go to Iraq? Yes! Have I? No. But I don’t advertise that as if I’m Erik Prince.

My overall sense is that the market is being flooded by mutts who are crossbreeding into the real pedigree causing a mixed bag of nuts. The tried and true band if brothers are being inundated with the dudes with cat mentality and cat process.

Can we sustain or is this just another novelty that will fade like bell bottom pants, eventually put away and never see the light of day.

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