Occupy Wallstreet….Occupational responsibility

Freedom of speech is a right that we have in this beautiful country.  That freedom allows us to voice our opinion on matters that we agree and disagree with.  For over a week now, major cities like NYC, and DC have been taken over by the “Occupy Wallstreet” protests.  The daily news blotter relegates a section to address these upset Americans and their dismay with the economy and their belief that the upper echelon has caused it and does not pay their fair share.

The idle fervor that occupies our cities can be mesmorizing and written off as static noise, but somewhere in that static noise is a voice that I hear.  That voice is the voice of the client.  We can’t get caught up in the, “They are just making noise” mindset.  I would venture to say that 99% of them are law abiding citizens.  But trust me when I say that the very doscile appearance of non violent protests there is an anger flowing in the bellies of some.  That anger, if coupled with the will and ability could lead to a very dangerous event against the very people we protect.

Whether you agree, believe or support what is going on, we have a duty as security experts to alert our clients that fall in this category to maintain an extra vigilant attitude.  Sympathizers come in every shape form and color and it does not take much to wake a sleeping bear.  Don’t YOU sleep on this situation.  A simple email or call to your clients and a quick conversation on how they may need to change their daily routine can go a long way.  I am in no way saying that you should call them and instill the boogey man rhetoric, but a simple call to show that there is a nexus between what is going on today can affect their overall security and operational flow.  In the end what happens is that you show your client that you are always thinking about their safety and best interest even if you haven’t heard from them in a year or so.  This is also a “Remember us?” call in a sense.  For those of us that have evergreen contracts with clients, you are compelled to do this to solidify your agreement. 

Client relationships do not end after you’ve courted them and signed the contract nor does it end after you’ve done one detail.  Client development starts everyday.  The day you just sit back and wait for them to call for the next detail is the same day you’ve fallen asleep on post.

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