One company many moving parts

We are very fortunate to have a very active company and with weeks like last week we had eight (8) details staffed.  Under most sitiations and under many companies, the head may not know the totality and specific details with each security detail.  Between me and Minister we manage to stay on top of who is calling who, who we are using to staff the details in Texas, Conneticut, Virginia as well as the additional support needed on a CEO coming in for a current long term detail. 

We have a set up that when the client makes a request an email is sent to the both of us, followed by a quick call or text from one of us to the other about the request.  The first thing that happens is an immediate response to the client, “Working on staffing now”.  The call that we have with each other is about who is the best fit for the client’s request.  As I’ve said before, this is important to us.  Just filling a slot is not good enough for our name in the business.  The last thing we would do is place an unknown on an established client. 

As I’ve said before we go by the “First Cousin rule”. If I call a trusted asset or sub contractor to fill a detail and they want to staff it by an unknown, the rule is this;  You know our standards and based on that if you feel the person meets that high standard to use them, your reputation is on the line with them.  If they screw up so does your reputation with us.  This rule permeates our standards through the provider network we use.  Just last week I got a call from a local, yet unknown to me, specialist, who was told to call me by call-sign No Chow.  The specialist called and left a message saying that he was referred to call me to get on our call out list.  I immediately called No Chow who vouched for this guy using all of the key catchwords:

  • Squared away
  • Sharp
  • dependable
  • looks the part
  • fits the BPI standard

He didn’t have to even go through that because his record speaks for itself when he vouched for call sign “Woodstock” and the fact remains that it’s more about who he’d rather work with than his reputation on the line.  No matter how you cut it the results are the same.  Standards have to be the watchword in every organization.

Back to the original point.  No matter how busy we are I make sure that I am not removed from the process of what’s going on and who is doing it.  Staffing a detail can be as stressful as working one, but the end result is the same-SUCCESS.  Stay on top of every aspect of your company or it will get away from you and become something you didn’t intend it to be.

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