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One of the lessons I learned from my publicists Derbin and Arphelia Cabell of Cabell Publicity is that I needed to make sure that when someone heard, read or spoke of BPI Security they automatically related it to Eric Konohia.  On a local level that was not an issue, however as the footprint across the country was heard and seen the names must be synonomous.

I have changed the company logo three (3) times however the dawg reference never faded from each.  The current one was decided upon after I realized that BPI should be known more than a local or CONUS protection provider.  We had journeyed across this globe a couple of times and left a lasting impression of the dawg paw .  Prior to the emphasis on blending my name with BPI Security I changed the “trading as” name to make it easier to remember.  The actual name of the company is Bulldawg Protection & Investigations.  The second reason was that the “Investigations” portion of the name conflicted with my other partner’s [Brian Diggs] company, OIC Group USA.  Under the Boanerges Group umbrella Brian handles all investigative matters, so for deconfliction reasons it was dropped.  The changes that have been made were in no way haphazard but calculated.  In the end simplicity made it easier to match Eric Konohia with BPI Security.  As of today I am comfortable in saying the names are one in the same within the industry.

If you are in a position like I was, whereby companies knew Eric Konohia but were not familiar with BPI Security or the concomitant relationship of the two, you need to start strategizing today.  When you hear the name Tony Scotti you automatically think of VDI.  Those relationships between name and company can resound for years.  Take for instance Chuck Vance and Vance International.  Today, even new specialists in the business know of Chuck and the company.

If you are new to the industry and have not made a name for yourself as a specialist or lone wolf, you will have some difficulty making the name marriage without having made a name for yourself as a specialist.  In my opinion it is much easier to marry up a known person with a new company name than it is for you to get both known at the same time.  But that’s just my opinion and I encourage you to continue to grind and prove me wrong.  Just keep your grind clean and professional and the end result will be great.

This industry is a tough nut to crack and you want to take advantage of every opportunity you can to advance yourself and your company in sync.  Try not to let one name leave the other behind.

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